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What is SWIFT® Microwave therapy?

Swift delivers a precise concentrated dose of microwave energy to the verruca. This is non-ionising energy which heats up the water molecules in your skin, quickly destroying the viral tissue, without affecting the surrounding skin. This initiates the immune cascade in your body, effectively encouraging your immune system into recognising the virus and treating the verruca.


What is the treatment like?

If you are a new patient to our clinic, we will firstly see you for an Initial Patient Assessment. This is to ensure that every aspect of your foot health needs are met and also to assess your personal suitability for the Swift verruca treatment.

Following your Initial Assessment, the Swift treatment requires a separate appointment slot. Dependant on availability, this could be straight after your Initial Assessment.

During the appointment, your Podiatrist will prepare the area for treatment to ensure maximum surface contact with the Swift probe. No anaesthetic is required for Swift treatment. The Swift probe is applied to your verruca for 2 seconds to deliver the microwave energy. This is repeated up to 5 times on each verruca. Discomfort levels vary depending on your tolerance but you may experience a burning sensation or a sharp scratch feeling for just 2 seconds which quickly subsides. You will be able to undertake your daily activities post treatment as you would normally.

For optimal results, we provide a package consisting of 3 appointments, 4 weeks apart.

Swift verucca treatment in Totnes, South Devon

How safe is the treatment?

Microwaves have been used within clinical settings for over 30 years and have been used to treat a wide range of conditions. Swift treatment has also undergone strict clinical trials to ensure that it is safe.

How successful is the treatment?

Based on Swift User Data (reported by Health Practitioners using Swift Microwave Therapy) on more than 1,000 patients, there was a reported 83% success rate when following a treatment plan at 4 weekly intervals. These patients also experienced a significant decrease in the pain their verruca caused them. 95% of these patients would recommend Swift Microwave Therapy to a friend.

With a brand new method for eradicating verrucas, the Swift treatment helps put your mind at rest with a quick, non invasive approach. If you’re interested in Swift verruca treatment in Totnes then please do not hesitate to contact us here at Footworks Podiatry today, to begin your Swift journey.