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With the thought of tucking your feet up in shoes and boots for the next few months, our podiatry team in Torquay thought shares some ways in which you can look after your feet to not only keep them warm but healthy too!

Keeping your feet warm.

Feet with socks on in Totnes

1. Wear socks or socks with slippers when indoors. Your feet will stay warm and cosy and won’t drop in temperature!

2. Wearing two pairs of socks can help lock in heat. Try a thinner pair underneath a slightly looser, thicker pair.

3. Wear socks made of natural fibres (e.g. bamboo, wool or cotton) as they are better at allowing your skin to breathe and will also stop them from getting too hot or sweaty.

4. Avoid shoes that are too tight as this can reduce blood flow to your feet. Remember to allow extra room if you are wearing thicker socks in your shoes or slippers.

5. Avoid warming your feet up too quickly, e.g. by putting them in front of a heater, in hot water or on a hot water bottle. This increases the risk of developing chilblains.

6. Keep moving! Even if this is only moving about indoors, this will help to encourage blood flow around your body, including down to your feet.

7. We sell Gehwol red cream which helps to warm feet, this is ideal in the colder months if you are prone to cold feet.

Keeping your feet healthy.

Foot with painful ball

1. Cream feet daily (not between toes) to help stop the skin from getting too dry and splitting during the colder weather. A foot cream is better than a general moisturiser.

2. Wash your feet daily and dry well between your toes and ensure that any wet footwear dries out thoroughly before wearing it again.

3. Leave your nails free of any nail polish for a few months whilst wearing closed shoes over the colder months, this will help reduce any discolouration from the constant wearing of nail polish. It will also help leave your nails looking healthier for spring when you want to start wearing sandals again.

4. We sell many nail care products by Drs Remedy, these are free from Formaldehyde and parabens and are all vegan. They are enriched with tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract, lavender, biotin, wheat proteins and vitamins C and E. Products include nail and cuticle oils, hydration nail moisture treatment as well as a selection of coloured paints.

5. Keeping on top of long or thick toenails can help to prevent them from becoming painful, if you are struggling to manage your toenails we can help!

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If you have any concerns with your feet, whether it be chilblains (red, itchy, sore tips of toes), concerns with circulation, or dry/cracked skin on your feet, contact Footworks today and our friendly team in Totnes, Torquay will take it from there for an appointment.