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Here at Footworks Totnes we know just how painful ingrowing toenails can be. They can stop you from doing the things you love and be a real pain in the… foot! There are a few different treatment options available to you and we’ve answered some of the most common questions we get asked about surgery below.

What is nail surgery?

It is a quick procedure to resolve painful/problematic toenails, it involves removing the problematic side(s) or the entire toenail and putting a chemical on to stop the removed area growing back. The appointment typically takes around 1 hour.

Is it painful?

We administer a local anaesthetic injection into the toe(s), this can be painful but after this you won’t feel anything else. Once the anaesthetic has worn off people may experience a mild discomfort but typically pain afterwards isn’t high. It can be managed by over the counter pain killers if required.

How long does nail surgery take to heal?

On average healing takes around 6 weeks and will require dressings and bathing at home during this time. However healing time varies greatly depending on medical history, any infection & how well you look after it.

If you have a painful toenails then please contact us in clinic to arrange an assessment to see if nail surgery is the right treatment for you, there is no need to put up with painful toenails!

Call us on 01803 868 888 to book your appointment or email info@footworks-podiatry.co.uk if you have any more questions. You can also find out more about our other nail treatments here.