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Are you suffering from foot and ankle pain? Or pain in your lower limb which is holding you back
from the sports or activities you love?

Most people at some point in their lives will experience pain in their lower limbs which can impact
their daily lifestyle. If this is the point you are at you may benefit!

Foot moulds

So, what exactly are Orthotics?

They can often be confused with “insoles” or “arch supports” which is a poor reflection of their ability and function. Functional orthotics are medical devices designed to influence the kinematics of the foot and
limb, affecting the forces and movements through gait. This is why we carry out a biomechanical assessment to assess the true nature and cause of your condition before we consider prescribing a set of orthotics.

What happens at my assessment?

If you’ve been advised you require a set of orthotics within your treatment plan we start by taking
a 3D scan to get a highly accurate image of your foot to ensure the shape of your orthotic works within your own anatomical structure. This is then sent to the lab where technicians from a leading and advanced manufacturer create custom-made orthotics. A prescription is then applied depending on what we want to achieve or influence.

If you have any questions or feel like you would benefit from orthotics, or a biomechanical assessment to find out what is causing your injury, get in touch by dropping an email to info@footworks-podiatry.co.uk give us a call on 01803 868888.