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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
Following government advice, we are currently unable to see patients face to face except for in emergencies. In the meantime, we are operating our telehealth service, ensuring that we can continue to offer our services to you. Contact us today if you are interested in an online consultation.

Analysing the way you walk to find the right solution

If you’re living with foot or lower-limb pain or concerns that affect the way you walk and impact your lifestyle, then it’s essential to work out the underlying causes. Gait analysis enables us to do this and our recent investment in the latest breakthrough technology means we’re able to devise and develop more tailored treatment plans than ever before.

OptoGait is an innovative video gait analysis system with optical sensors. Used with or without a treadmill, the advanced technology documents and measures the times when your foot touches the ground and when it’s in ‘flight’ to a thousandth of a second. This helps us pick up problem areas, postural problems and lack of symmetry.

Knowledge is power

Used by top athletes and sports teams, OptoGait provides invaluable insight that other diagnostic methods may miss. We then take this understanding and knowledge to develop treatment that’s right for you. Better still, we can try treatments and then test how effectively they’re working. Perhaps the results showed that orthotics could really relieve your symptoms. That means that once your orthotics are made, we can carry out another gait analysis to see if they are making the difference.

Contact us today at our Totnes clinic on: 01803 868888 to book your appointment, or if you have any questions.

Your questions answered

How does OptoGait work?

This advanced technology uses highly accurate and precise optical sensors to measure your gait including time taken to complete a full gait cycle assessing both stance (foot on the ground) and swing (foot off the ground). This data combined with video (and an assessment) helps us establish the reasons behind pain and problems to develop a treatment plan with the highest chance of success.*

Which treatments might you suggest after OptoGait?

This really does depend on the results – the great benefit with OptoGait is that your treatment plan will be better informed and based on precise data.

Is there anything else gait analysis can help with?

As well as helping to diagnose many of the problems behind lower-limb pain, gait analysis can also be useful for athletes and clients who simply love being active. If you’re a keen runner, using OptoGait could help you avoid injury, improve your performance and increase rehabilitation times.

It can also be used to see how wearing different types of shoes affects your gait.

Is gait analysis a one off?

Many of our clients will only have a single video gait analysis. Their problems will be identified and treatment will begin. Sometimes it can be beneficial to have more than 1 gait analysis to monitor gait improvement or check the efficacy of orthotics, arch supports or insoles.

How long does it take?

This in-depth assessment takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

What should I wear?

It’s a good idea to wear something comfortable such as shorts or jogging bottoms as well as everyday footwear.

*Individual results may vary