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Here at Footworks we use the most advanced laser technology to provide a laser therapy treatment that helps you resolve your fungal nail issues in a quick, safe and pain free way.

Suffering with Fungal Nails?

Fungal nails can be unsightly and usually appear as thickened, yellow and slightly irregular nails. If this is the case for you, they may be infected.

The clinical term for fungal nails is onychomycosis. It can be difficult to treat with over the counter products and hard to manage to stop it spreading further throughout the nails. If you are unsure whether your nails are infected, you can attend the clinic for a fungal nail assessment where we can also carry out a five minute fungal nail test to confirm the presence of onychomycosis.

With our specialist laser treatment we can target the fungi that lives in and under the nail to kill it without causing any damage to the nail or surrounding skin. The laser works by selective photothermolysis which works by raising the temperature of the fungi to destroy the fungal proteins by the absorption of light and prevent reproduction.

The procedure is quick and totally safe without any known side effects. Most patients will experience no more than a warming sensation.

Low Level Laser Therapy

S30 Podylas ™ Laser can also be used for a variety of musculoskeletal problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, Tendonitis and Arthritis.

As it is low level, it does not cause heating and damage to the living tissue and can have the following effects;
– Pain relief
– Healing growth factor response
– Immune system support

Low level laser therapy optimises the speed of repair in acute injuries and stimulates the body’s repair process for non-healing and chronic conditions. The treatment is pain free, non-invasive and does not cause any side effects, it also does not cause any tissue damage or scarring, in fact it can help to repair scarring form previous treatments. Laser therapy is great for children and nervous patients.

Your questions answered

Does it hurt?

Most patients feel no pain. Some may feel a warming sensation or slight pinprick.

What is included in a package?

Our fungal laser package includes a 30minute consultation with fungal nail testing, course of 4 treatments, review appointment and a product kit for home use. You may need to buy more products after these have been used.

Please note – If the fungal nail test is negative and/or laser treatment is deemed not suitable for you, you will be liable for the cost of the consultation and fungal nail test.

How effective is the treatment?

A recent study from the University of Barcelona, treating 150 patients, using the S30 Podylas ™ Laser, preliminary results have proved a success rate of 90%

How long is the treatment?

Each treatment takes around 30 minutes.

How safe is the treatment?

Treatment with laser is completely safe and have no side affects.

Is there a recovery period?

No. The patient can go home at the end of the procedure and resume all activities as normal.

What causes a fungal nail infection?

A fungal nail infection usually occurs as a result of fungus from athletes foot

Will the fungus come back?

There is always a chance of reification as fungus is present everywhere in the environment. We will give you guidance on how to avoid reinfection.

*Individual results may vary