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Innovative care for toenail concerns

Toenails are easy to neglect, tricky to reach and prone to problems that can be painful and embarrassing. At Footworks Podiatry, we have a wealth of experience in treating all sorts of nails problems from ingrown toenails to fungal nail infections – so you can be certain you’re in safe hands.


Clearnail Footworks Podiatry

Clearnail Footworks Podiatry

Clearanail – Nail Fungus Treatment

We like to keep ahead of results-based, cutting-edge treatments and have added Clearanail to our services. This treatment works by safely and painlessly drilling minuscule holes into the nail plate, which enables topical anti-fungal treatments to reach the nail bed in far higher concentrations, unlike other nail fungus treatments which cannot reach the nail bed. Results are quicker, more effective and there’s no damage to the surrounding skin.*


Surgery for Ingrown Toenails

Ingrowing toenails can often be treated by carefully trimming the nail. But if the nail is extremely ingrown we may need need to carry out minor surgery known as partial nail avulsion. We’ll use a local anaesthetic to numb your toe before cutting away the edges of the nail and treating it with phenol to prevent the nail from growing back.


Wilde-Pedique Nail Reconstruction

We can restore thickened and damaged toenails with Wilde Pedique – an elastic UV gel that moulds to your natural nail impression to reconstruct missing parts of your nail. This looks like a normal, healthy toenail while your existing nail grows naturally underneath.* Wilde-Pedique can be used to replace toenails that have been surgically removed due to infection or trauma or to fix nails that have split or cracked to prevent snagging.

  • No odour or discolouration – Once the nail restoration has been cured it will not change
  • No chemical activators – No primer or chemical activator is used that will damage the nail or surrounding skin
  • No damage to the nail – The treatment will not hinder the natural nail growth
  • Non-porous – Moisture and air cannot penetrate the gel nail, preventing spreading or development of infection


if you have any questions regarding our specialist nail treatment or wish to book an appointment at our clinic in Totnes,  Contact us today on 01803 868888  

Your questions answered

What’s so different about Clearanail treatment?

Most traditional treatments for fungal infections are topical solutions applied to the nail. They cannot penetrate the nail to treat the infection effectively. By drilling micro holes through the nail plate, the antifungal medication reaches the infection. This means that many clients see results far more quickly in just 2 to 8 weeks.*

Does Clearanail treatment hurt?

Not at all. The holes made are miniscule measuring around 0.4mm in diameter (about the same width as four human hairs). The treatment’s technology has been expertly designed to ensure that there’s no damage to the nail bed.*

Is there any downtime after surgery for ingrowing toenails?

It’s important to take things easy for the first few days. You’ll need to rest your foot and keep it raised for 2 days following treatment and wear soft or open-toed shoes for around a week.

How does Wilde Pedique work?

We can apply this UV gel to damaged toenails to create the appearance of a normal healthy nail. It’s ideal if parts of your toenails are missing or the nails are deformed, ridged or discoloured. The gel is set by UVA light. It bonds to surfaces and hardens to a glossy finish – but at the same time it’s so elastic and flexible that it adapts to your toe’s movements.This helps to create incredibly natural-looking results.*

Is Wilde Pedique safe?

The gel doesn’t damage your natural nail or contain any aggressive acidic primers. Its non-porous meaning that moisture or air cannot penetrate the gel. This helps to contain infection if you have fungal nail.*

Do you also provide routine nail care?

We do and believe that it’s a really important part of general everyday footcare. We take time to treat toenails during our routine foot care appointments. This involves careful, expert cutting and trimming as well as checking for any issues. Everyday care and good hygiene are essential to healthy nails – but just as importantly, tackling any problems quickly and effectively counts too.

*Individual results may vary