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Put your best foot forwards

Looking after our feet is very important. They carry our body weight and help balance us, and any foot problems that occur can affect our knees, hips, and back. If we don’t pay attention to the uncomfortable or painful signals our feet may send us, we could seriously impact our posture. Our experienced team at Footworks Podiatry in Devon can help you regain your confident posture and put a new spring in your step by assessing your feet’s health and their overall effect on your body.

Potential Posture Problems

Your joints such as your knees, ankles, and hips can be greatly impacted by your postural issues. Most of these begin in your feet and travel up the rest of the body, causing discomfort and distorted posture. Issues with your feet can have a knock-on effect on the rest of your body, so if you’re noticing problems with your posture or stance, you may need to visit your foot doctor.

A joint effort

One of our dedicated podiatrists can assess the way you walk, hold yourself when stationary, and your general posture to help us build a picture of your potential foot problems. We can employ strengthening exercises, massages, and stretching to help adjust any problems that may be affecting your posture or gait, so you can stride with pride again.

Our experienced team of podiatrists here in South Devon are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care at all times that is completely tailored to you. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology like OptoGait, which provides precise video gait analysis, to ensure the best treatment for our patients.

Your questions answered

Will I need to carry out exercise rehabilitation at home?

If exercise rehabilitation is part of your treatment plan, we will probably advise you to do further exercises at home. We’ll go through this in detail at the clinic and will also give you some printed guides to follow.

How can joint mobilisation help?

If you have pain, stiffness or lack a full range of movement in your foot, foot mobilisation can provide relief and build strength.* Our team uses expert techniques to help joints loosen and glide to improve movement patterns.

How does OptoGait work?

This advanced technology uses highly accurate and precise optical sensors to measure your gait including time taken to complete a full gait cycle assessing both stance (foot on the ground) and swing (foot off the ground). This data combined with video (and an assessment) helps us establish the reasons behind pain and problems to develop a treatment plan with the highest chance of success.*

Which treatments might you suggest after OptoGait?

This really does depend on the results – the great benefit with OptoGait is that your treatment plan will be better informed and based on precise data.

Is there anything else gait analysis can help with?

As well as helping to diagnose many of the problems behind lower-limb pain, gait analysis can also be useful for athletes and clients who simply love being active. If you’re a keen runner, using OptoGait could help you avoid injury, improve your performance and increase rehabilitation times.
It can also be used to see how wearing different types of shoes affects your gait.

*individual results may vary

*Individual results may vary